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This blog was originally started on Wordpress in Summer of 2011 to document my transition across the country to start grad school, but I ended up not telling anyone about it so it ended up becoming more of a personal hiding spot for my thoughts that every once in a while someone would stumble through.  It still is that way with the exception of a couple of my friends who know this exists.  I think I like it more this way since I rarely document anything that I’m actually doing but do write lots about what’s on my mind.  I migrated to Squarespace in November of 2013 to have a more permanent location for the project page for my homebuilt CPU.  I really haven’t been impressed with Squarespace.

The best way to get to know about me about what I care about is to read what I write.  I think the internet already has plenty of places where one can dump quick thoughts or objective tellings of goings-on.  This is not one of those places.  I try and put at a bare minimum an hour or two of thought into the posts I write, but I typically don’t edit much if at all.  Some posts take me weeks to write.

Some of it is very carefully considered and researched, some of it is certainly less so.  I am the sole author unless otherwise noted and all of it represents my views and opinions.  I welcome disagreement or counter-examples, but only respectful ones.  I won’t bother with any other type. This is not just another shit-hole corner of the internet.  This is more like my personal home online and while I like to have a few friends over, I don’t like throw public parties where any old jerk is invited.

I don’t write entirely for myself otherwise I wouldn’t post it on the internet, but I do maybe 90% write for myself and my own enjoyment.


I’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of incredible opportunities thus far in my life, some through luck and others through my own hard work.  I have a lot of different interests across a lot of different fields.  If you’re astute, you might just notice a few links between them though and realize that they’re perhaps all just part of a larger field.  

Formally, I’m a student of physics and math.  When I let my hair down I tend towards other areas.  Some can easily be found here: sculpture, painting, drawing, wood carving, electronics; and others I haven’t quite found a great way to display here: Rubik’s cubes, automotive restoration, etch-a-sketch art, juggling; and more yet that probably won’t ever appear here.

I love the outdoors, but also love staying quietly at home.  I love humanity but want nothing to do with most humans.

I believe in rationality and logic.  Love science.  Loathe pseudoscience.  I want nothing to do with much of the actual science that goes on these days.  Embrace skepticism.  Guiltlessly enjoy tales of ESP, ghost stories, paranormal phenomena, etc. but can’t stand it when people actually believe them.

I may seem a bit prickly, and to a bulk of the population I guess I will be, but I’m actually quite warm and caring.  My personality type is INFJ.  My F vs T are is pretty close but tends a little more to the F.

My name is John.