I'm a little bit...

trashed right now. Went out drinking with the news team... well actually the BMP team. Same thing right? Here'es what I'm going to do:

1) Turn on netflix

2) Draw a portrait of Charles Dickens

3) Post it here for the world to judge

See you when it's finished. I might keep drinking...





About 30 minutes. What do you think?

Update 2

Definitely no more drinking.  Only sobering.  However, forgot to add the reference for comparison:


It's the little things

Like taking an extra hour to make a really good dinner. That, in my opinion, is an essential part of life. :-)


Also, check out the sweet experiment I got to be around for.



Using a CT machine and testing a brand new probe from Radcal that was amazing if I do say so (event though I'm still brand new to the field...). Anyways, this was totally a highlight picture. We did tons of cool stuff with it.

<3, John