Another day, another shooting

There have been shootings now at both of the universities I have attended.  I enrolled at Virginia Tech four months after a student decided it was his place to take the lives of 32 other students, and today I waited on lockdown in my office for text updates about a student who, apparently despondent over a grade (a fucking grade), decided he had a right to kill his professor and then himself.  I watched, even before the lockdown of my building had been cleared, as the Internet lit up with the same old tired "debates" that it usually does.  All I could think was just "can we... not?"

I feel a little defeated these days: I actually support people's rights to own guns and I support people's right to carry guns in private and in public.  I am fairly liberal. I think it should be difficult to get a gun.  Guns are not made to not kill things, it is in fact their sole purpose.  In all other aspects of our society, we do not let unqualified people handle such responsibility.

Truthfully, I actually don't care about that argument tonight though.  Two people are dead who shouldn't be.  People often die in the streets a few miles from where I live who never needed to.  Maybe it all would've happened anyway, guns or not, but as a country a loud, vocal, insane few made our beds for us and it's time for the rest of us to sleep in it. We get to sit back and watch as the body count climbs, and look over our shoulders as we walk to class, church, home, the corner store, a concert, or maybe to elementary school.

As we do all that we can watch the political battle unfold to nowhere, again... and again.  We can watch the dead be held up and paraded around as mascots for what should or should not have been done, and strip them of identity beyond their roles in agendas and political battles. We can watch as an important argument turns into a yelling match funded by rich backers on both sides with no room for the rest of us.  

But maybe let's just save all that for tomorrow, and let the blood and tears dry tonight.