Positive Thinking

Let's start off with a comic.  While it's clearly based on me (the circumstances referenced are perhaps a little unique), I have exaggerated things for comedic purposes, so don't read into anything too much. :-)

A common thing these days among people in their late twenties and early thirties seems to be "impostor syndrome" where we lose perspective on our achievements.  I often find myself falling down these thought-holes where it feels like *nothing* is working and I'm just spinning my wheels with no forward progress.  Anxiety takes over and I cease to be able to relax and have fun doing the things I love.  

Midweek this past week I hit one of those points and, knowing how ridiculous I was being, just kinda let myself run with it.  Drawing this actually really helped put it in perspective and gave me a few laughs at the same time.  The punchline doesn't quite land like I wanted it to (I'd reword it if I had another go at it), but I think it gets the rough idea across. 

Sometimes we can really be our own worst enemies.  Just gotta remind ourselves to try and have fun with it... and draw silly faces.



P.S. I apologize for the Jimmy Neutron hair.  I'm going to play around with other stuff.