I'm always impressed by people's ability to put themselves out there.  The internet has really provided a means for really unique creative pursuits to find their target audience, but you still open yourself up to this world of who knows what online.  I have this website here, but I post relatively anonymously, somewhat irregularly, and often nothing too terribly controversial or personal.  Well, ok, I get sorta personal, but only in ways that I'm comfortable with and nothing too challenging.  

Lately I've been reading tons and tons of webcomics and am just blown away by what people can create. While I had heard of it before, I had never really taken the time to read Junior Scientist Power Hour (http://www.jspowerhour.com/) by Abby Howard.  After I got reading though it was damn near impossible to stop!  So funny.  Abby Howards amazing work though is in The Last Halloween (http://www.last-halloween.com/).  It's an amazing story, with even more amazing art.  She's nailed everything from pacing, humor, horror, and also cool moments of insight into the human (or monster) condition.  (A word of caution, it's a little dark though so if you're not a fan of horror you may not enjoy it quite as much as I do). If I had more money,  I think I'd just be throwing her fistfuls of dollars so that she could always do this.  While the bad news is, I'm broke, the good news is that enough people seem to feel similarly to me and she's been really successful on kickstarter and seems to have a pretty solid following on Patreon.  I think she'll be set for a while.  

From reading more about Abby Howard, I discovered that the guys at Penny Arcade ran a "reality show" for webcomic artist (on which Abby Howard was a contestant) where they got a ton of great artists together for a truly wonderful and nerdy time competing on over-the-top reality show.  The talent ranged from professional artists all the way to people who had only been drawing their comic for a year.  I've been poking through all of the different artists' works and wow.  Just wow.  

The first contestant to be eliminated was a guy named Alex Hobbs, which is crazy because I've been reading his comic (Wanderlust Kid: http://www.wanderlustkid.com/) and it's amazing!  It's mostly a diary comic where he relates things that happen to him in the real world or video games, but through it he seems like a hilarious, fun and indiosyncratic (in a good way: http://www.wanderlustkid.com/comic/mane-envy/) guy.  You should definitely check it out if you get a chance.

Which all comes back to just how cool I find it that people put their creativity out there like that.  I know that I struggle with it and as someone loosely involved in creative pursuits, I really need to work on it.  I'm sure that there's tons of stuff we don't see as consumers that these artists go through, but I still find it really inspiring that there are people out there doing what they do and cain't no one tell 'em otherwise.

Finally, I want to say that Buttercup Festival (http://www.buttercupfestival.com/) is also amazing in a completely different way than the other two.  I put that out there without further comment and just encourage you to check it out.  


P.S. Maybe webcomics artist could tone down the quality a bit: you're making my lunch hours run a liiiiittle long. ;-)