It's going to be a hectic couple of months.  I've already been working thirteen hour days lately which is starting to wear me down (although my thirteen hour days are different than the thirteen hour day of someone that, say, works in a factory).  For the next few months though my weekends are not going to be as relaxed as they usually are.  

A standard weekend for me looks something like: come home and relax on Friday night (I rarely go out with people), wake up early on Saturday and maybe do some gardening or cleaning depending on what is or isn't needed.  I'll then either continue a project that I've already started or start thinking about new projects, typically woodworking or construction related.  Then in the evening I'll work on a more sedentary project, (like programming or electronics), or I just relax and watch a movie.  Sundays... well they're about the same.  Maybe I'll even do some floral design if I feel so inclined...

I was clipping off some of the less desirable flowers from my marigolds and couldn't just throw them away...

I was clipping off some of the less desirable flowers from my marigolds and couldn't just throw them away...

I find the routine is good for me.  I know that people say that it's important to shake it up every once in a while, but is it?  Often when I shake things up, I wind up tired and cranky the next day, and it takes at least a week for things to feel like they're settled back out, I'm not particularly productive until things settle back out, and I'm mad at myself the whole time for not feeling like myself!  So, while I think deviations are occasionally good, I'm not the kind of person that thrives on always doing some exciting new thing, or always having a leg kicked out from under me.  

Well, I'm going to be a hot mess come September.  The routine is going to have to fly out of window.  Here's what my events are for the next month and a half:

  1. June 26-28: Backpacking The Grand Canyon of Tuolomne 
  2. July 3-5: Big bear/Arrowhead for Fourth of July weekend
  3. July 12-16: AAPM down in Anaheim
  4. July 20-23: Salt Lake City to meet with Fred Noo
  5. July 29-31: Fred Noo in Los Angeles to discuss research projects
  6. August 6-9: Defcon 23 in Vegas (Woo!)

Then, about three weeks later, it'll finally culminate in family vacation back in NC which I am really just trying to get through all of that other stuff to get to.  Somewhere throughout all of this I'm going to keep getting regular work done (unlikely) and also finish a paper draft, finalize my CT Recon software that I've been writing (it's FAR from finalized), and continue all of my work with Toshiba.  

Oh yeah, and I've been commissioned to build a headboard for my roommate's writing partner.  

... so much for the routine.

I'm actually excited about most of these things, but they're still going to kick everything out of whack.  (It took me like a full month to feel fully recovered from Defcon last year!)  AAPM in Anaheim is going to be inconvenient because we're likely going to commute, and conferences are often fairly boring; medical physicists tend to not be the best public speakers. My main goal is to find a couple of seed ideas for both qualifier work and then perhaps ultimately my dissertation.  It's crazy to think about, but I probably only have a couple more years of work in my PhD if I can really get focused.  I'm currently split between five projects with no clear one standing out.  While the recon software is kind of my baby, there's no novel science happening there, just an implementation of work that already exists.  I'll try and follow up with a post about my different research projects soon, but it's outside of the scope of this here post.  

I want to get back to more regular updates here (as everyone who has an infrequently-updated blog says) and maybe throughout all of this upcoming chaos, I can use it as a place to kinda re-center.  I've read a lot of good stuff lately and want to write about that, as well as my research, and the woodworking projects I've done lately. Perhaps during some of those long drawn out medical physics talks I'll find the time...

Until then...