Steal from the makers who had made us, leave them with nothing to devour

Well it happened.  All of last week caught up to me today and by 4 PM I was crashing and burning.  I just hit the wall despite my best efforts.  

This past week week has been great in a lot of ways: I restructured my whole CT raw data reading library, I got a ton of woodworking done (usually working until 11 pm or so), went on an amazing hike on Saturday (was up at 4:30AM for that), and had a fun date last night, but I guess I hadn't appreciated how much it all has taken out of me until now.  I even left work early because I was physically feeling bad.  I'm just totally worn the hell out.  Body, mind, all of it.  On top of doing a lot of fun stuff last week, there was other stuff that wasn't so great that definitely contributed to the exhaustion: on Tuesday and Wednesday I worked from 7 AM to 7 PM, I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday stuck on the same reconstruction problem trying to reconstruct data from the Force scanner, which I have since made progress on, but have not totally figured out, and I spent three hours and fifteen sheets of sandpaper lapping the sole of a plane that just never really flattened and now my back is all sore.  Ugh.  Just altogether tiring.

It also didn't help that three cats started last night in my room and then, roughly every hour one of them wanted to go out or come back in.  At best, I was going to get five hours of sleep and ended up just not getting anything appreciable.

In all the busy-ness, I ended up eating out probably twice each day, or just didn't eat (well, does spooning peanut butter purely for the calories count?) and that has definitely come back to bite me in the ass.  I've eaten so very much in the last twelve hours and am still not particularly full.  I ate a bunch of cookies yesterday for lunch ("I'm an adult!") and that has certainly hasn't helped anything.  Finally, because of the time change, I didn't get to walk home except for once last week which really messes me up.  It's amazing how important that walk has become to my routine.

Anyways, I'm taking this week to reset my system.  Prioritizing eating better, and resting because the pace at which I've been going is just too damn much, or at least I need to work my way into it a little bit more.  Everything is a little bit in upheaval right now, which is a welcome change of pace from the summer and the months prior and I'm really loving it actually, my body's just not ready to keep up yet!  I'm so envious of the people who only need four hours of sleep per night. Maybe one day...  Also, there's that whole grad school qualifier thing I should be thinking about too, which thus far I'm almost entirely devoid of ideas for.  

Well, it'll all come together at some point! Right? ... right?! 

I referenced that I "hit the wall" earlier, but I actually definitely got kinda flustered saying goodnight and did literally, run into a door, so maybe there's some symbolism there? Or something? Did I mention how my dating game is on point.  *shakes head...*