Updated Schematics With Store Function

So I remade the schematics for the Kino 74 and added a Store function.  This is a major change!  Surprisingly, it can be done with adding only one chip (an 8 input NAND gate) and shuffling around a few wires.  This gives the user the ability to write the contents of the accumulator to the RAM.

 I'm tempted to implement it, but in all honesty, I think I'm done.  If I were to build it all over again, I'd definitely add this command as it would be a major door-opener for programming opportunities.  I've had a few other ideas for projects though, and think I'm going to move on those.  Maybe after a little time passes and I'm desperate for something to do, I'll go ahead and implement it.  For right now though, this one is gonna be put to bed.  In the meantime, here are the updated schematics for the Registers and the Controller/Sequencer.  Everything else is the same.

Kino 74 schematics with... Store!