Losing My Religion


It’s a sad thing for me to say that I have low expectations when it comes to the quality of people I encounter every day. Whether it’s in their desire to challenge themselves, their capacity togive to others, in people’s common sense, or even their capacity to just be friendly, I mostly just choose to expect disappointment.

I’ve been meeting a lot of people lately between my two jobs, both co workers and customers and I met a lot of people in grad school. I met a lot of people when I worked at summer camp too, and on the whole, between all three/four, there are about three people I even want to stay in touch with.

So many people are rude and content to do the bare minimum to get by. They want others to do things for them so they can wile away their time on pointless pursuits. They avoid work, ask others to do things for them and the complain about those who they asked for help.

I don’t think that a truly supportive working environment is a myth, but it takes energy and thankfulness from everyone involved. If any one person tries to ride coat tails and doesn’t get called out, it tends to sap the energy and patience of so many more people than just them.

I try and tell people that I don’t care about work and that my life is too short to worry about the problems of others, but to be honest, I internalize damn near all of it: the problems people get themselves in listening to a gossipy high schooler to convey information, the arguments, the complaints, the slack people leave when they don’t do their jobs, the problems people bring from home to work… all of it. It’s real and we put it out into the world every day. And my all-too-sparse filter isn’t catching it.

So when you’re rude to me when I’m trying to help you, or you tell me that so-and-so was talking about how you didn’t get enough done (maybe its because you didn’t!) and now you’re fighting, or anything else that you bring to the world outside of your home, consider how it affects others, and self-examine.

I try and bring kindness, patience, care, hard work, and love to everything that I do, and I slip up sometimes. We all do. But I guess I do it for myself and the one or two others who return it. I’m wearing thin though and questioning why I bother sometimes.

I know there are other like me out there. I guess it’s on us to restore the faith, but we’ve gotta help each other out and tell each other how important and special we are every day. The appreciation of one or two can easily offset the negativity of many.

So I love you guys and thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your minds, bodies and souls into the work you do.