I'm going to try and install KiCad on my Macbook.  Insofar as I can figure, the only way to do it currently is by compiling from the source files. I just wanted to make a note of it here to see how long it actually takes me to get it running. .. assuming I ever get it running.

Wish me luck. 


9:15 PM: No luck so far.  I'm downloading the source files right now.  Getting tired and a little frustrated.  It took almost an hour to make the wxwidgets makefile.  Then I realized I did it with the wrong prefix (forgot to set the --prefix switch when configuring).  So it built to my downloads folder.  Oh well.  Hopefully, despite being in a crappy spot, it'll link properly.  I wish our internet connection were faster.  I'm going to finish downloading the source files and go to bed.