Geez, how long has it been?

A full month as of 8 AM yesterday.  One whole month.  It honestly feels like a lot longer. So what's new?  Not a whole lot.  Kinda been doing the same old thing.  Tonight's laundry night and there's a certain amount of depressing comfort that the washers and dryers here are the exact same as in Hillcrest.  I guess you can travel a few thousand miles and get the exact same things.  I've started missing home a bit, really though only the people back home.  I think that's mostly due to not knowing how to really meet people on the fly like I feel like a lot of people can.  I think I've just never had to do it so really I'm completely clueless.  I can meet people all day long and have interesting 2-3 hour conversations with them, but really at the end of the day that does nothing for me in the long run.  And I'm definitely here for a little more than a short trip.  Bars aren't really a great scene for meeting people who want lasting connections with others... neither is the library... or my apartment.  I guess this all comes with moving to a completely brand new place where you know no one.  I've been trying to decide when it's appropriate to stop doing that.  I'm getting a little tired of it.  It wears you down.

Onto brighter things though: food's been good lately.  I made some amazing fish tacos and then shortly thereafter some amazing ceviche with completely out-of-my-budget halibut (I didn't realize how much it actually cost before I bought it.  I didn't actually blow my budget, it was just a bit tighter this week than it otherwise would have been.)

My kombucha mother is coming along nicely.  I'm going to try and find a sun tea jar so that I can make it in bigger batches.  Pretty sure though that I'll end up ordering something online since I haven't, in my searches, turned up something that would work in quite the right way.

Not exactly delicious looking is it?

Team BMP had their first indoor soccer game the other night and we... WON (despite my best efforts.  Hah.)  I have the ball handling skills of an infant when it comes to soccer.  I did manage to sacrifice myself for the sake of the team and ended up with a nice array of injurys: blisters on my left foot (including one on the toe, the ball of my foot, and in my arch), a quarter-sized blood blister on the ball of my right foot, a scraped up left knee, a deeply bruised right knee (collided with a wall. Someone pushed me, I didn't just fling myself into it.), and finally a twisted ankle (that wasn't too serious but it was quite painful at the time and very very tight for the next two days).  I go all out.  Now if only I were able to actually play well...

And lastly, I accomplished something!  I'm now certified to work with radiation!  I'm "badged" as they say.  So the next time you need... oh wait.  I can't actually do anything yet.  Well, I am qualified to ABSORB occupational radiation and UCLA will be sure to keep track of it for me.