Weekend Update

Busiest Weekend yet! Friday's one of the days that I don't have classes so it ended up just being a really slow going day.  I didn't get much done, but I did draw this portait of Mark Twain. It looks a little cartoonier than I would like, but for a random project I think it came out pretty good.

On Saturday I went out for a ride up into Brentwood and the Santa Monica Hills.  Despite a severe lack of bike lanes and shoulders (and then of course those leading to sidewalks that are either 2 feet wide or end at seriously inconvenient times, damn you Los Angeles) the ride was really gratifying and a really fun time to explore. I took a lot of pictures...

Sunday Morning I got up early to go biking at the waterfront in Santa Monica with a few people from BMP.  I found a good route from my apartment to Westwood and the ride down the coast to Marina Del Ray was awesome.  I might also try to do Bollona Creek now that I know where the southwestern terminus is.  I have one picture from the ride but it's a good one.

For the rest of Sunday I went to work at the community garden and then went grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping is definitely one of the highlights of my week.  Here's a picture from the bike rack where I parked!  It's high-end graffiti!

Now I'm exhausted!  Genuinely exhausted!  My body hurts.  Need time to recover...

I'll have more soon!