Early class makes John a sleepy boy.  I definitely nodded off a few times... more than a few times.  I was so sore from this weekend that all I wanted to do was come back and lay down.  I stopped at Ralph's and picked up Advil and FINALLY found the canning jars. With those new canning jars I started a... kombucha culture!  Hopefully I'll have a mother in a couple days and then I can sart making my own kombucha.  And save a LOT of money.

I also made a killer dinner: Herbes de Provence Roast Chicken, Roasted Potatoes and Onions, and an amazing purple cabbage salad (the secret to which I might not now divulge here... that's actually because I'm not sure I feel like typing it right now.)

The lighting is terrible in the kitchen... sorry, but it tasted delicious!