Update Week 2

Classes have started, and things are rolling along.  I'm finding that I have quite a bit of free time.  QUITE a bit of free time.  Too much free time.  I'm trying to get involved in the student garden or a community garden.  I'm really hoping that pans out because I really miss being involved with farming. So classes are happening, I've been making good dinners (thus far the cornerstone of my time here in LA), and watching all too many movies on Netflix.  The first week I watched way too much, and now I've toned it back.  The problem is that I've already finished all of my work, I have four days a week totally empty, and even if I did all of the things I can possibly think to do in a day (and have enough money to do), I'd still have free time.

I've been playing guitar and reading mostly as substitutes.  And cooking.  As much cooking as possible.  Good food is the most important.

I wish I could get a dog.  Soon enough hopefully.

I've been missing the East Coast for sure.

Now for some photos:

Sitting in the botanical gardens.  It's a nice break from LA. :-)

I finally made dough that could pass the window test!  This bread didn't actually really have active yeast in it (the starter wasn't ready) but still: the window test!  I've since made some really good bread using the Bread Alone cookbook written by the people from the Bread Alone Bakery in New York.  I still haven't quite gotten the crumb texture I want (a la weaver street bread) but what I've gotten so far is pretty good.

Exploring LA: The Grove.  Looks just like the Streets of Southpoint.  I seem to have left my stroller at home...

Lastly, something school related.  Check it out! We get a sign!

Until next time,