Flashback: 9/9/2011

The quick version of a long story:

All of my stuff was packed up and ready to go on Thursday 9/8.  I loaded it all into the car and headed to the Durham train station to have it checked and sent to L.A.

I arrived only to be told that "Amtrak doesn't do that."  As in "Amtrak doesn't check bags in the way that we told you we would a week ago. Also the train didn't run today, and probably won't run tomorrow."

I left with all of my personal belonging still in the back of my car and drove all the way back home.  As I pull in driveway, Mom's waiting  to tell me that the Raleigh train is running and is going to take my stuff.  Awesome.

We drive forty minutes to Raleigh (twenty of which I've already driven to Durham) only to arrive and be told "Amtrak doesn't do that."  Well this time, after a lot of arguing and some name dropping (Stan was our contact), they finally agreed to go ahead and check my boxes and put them on their way to LAX.

And so, about six hours after leaving, I finally got home.